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Overview About Me


Name: Richard Louie Orilla

Country: Philippines

Email Address: Google, Yahoo!, Outlook, icloud, Yandex, Zoho, AOL!

Github Profile: Shin Aska


I'm a person who loves to code and play games (In general, not just computer games). I love to twiddle around and try to understand things and self improvement is one of my goals. In terms of hobbies, I love to play the violin (I'm not that good though), draw (Rarely now), stare at the sky, eagles and cars.

I have been developing web applications since early 2011, although I had projects that involved other technologies such as Java and C# but I rarely get the opportunity to have them. I have been mostly involved with geoservers where there is a map rendered in the browser much like how google maps work.

Most of my projects has a prototype which you can find it on github. You can also hit me up on Linkedin but I barely visit the site. Mostly you can keep in touch with me on my email. My main email is my gmail account but I keep in check all of them. Although usually strangers should email me at my zoho email since I have a strict filter on my Google, Outlook and Yahoo email accounts.